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Globalor recognizable pattern, a plan to build. A kind of equivalent information.


In the future will be ...



The project meaning a plan, a pattern design, recognizable in its design and operation, made up of various components which are interrelated and  creating a functioning wholeness.

Projects can be seen both in nature (construction of biological organisms) and technology (building machineries and devices). To create human devices one needs a thinking creator and executive planned process.
Projects that are visible in nature are incomparably more complex than human inventions. Is the process of creating them just a coincidence? Are pointless and mechanical processes in nature capable to do so?

What does our human experience, supported by knowledge of the experiments, simple logic and widely available knowledge of the facts, show:
- poems,  letters, manuals, binders and cookbooks are not created from accidentally scattered letters.
- houses, churches, garages, barns do not arise spontaneously from scattered bricks.
- a car or a motorcycle does not arise spontaneously out of auto parts in a a junkyard.

Everything needs a designer who would determine the purpose of the creation of some items like books, buildings or vehicles. A desiner who will show how to do it. Then one needs to perform the project which means conscious and purposeful creative process (building something from some original elements): the text made of letters, a car of car parts, a building of bricks, pipes and planks ...
Since it is so evident in our world of technology, why do so many people still believe that the universe and life arose spontaneously, out of nothing? Mainly because they have never heard anythig else throughout their lives and have never had the opportunity to come across other explanation.

One can see a very evident project which genius and complexity surpasses all human achievements. Darwin's theory of evolution and all science coming from it can not convincingly explain this phenomenon. Mankind got to know elements of living cells and their functions, settings and mutual dependence but it was never proved that information, complexity, complex systems can occur spontaneously (without the designer, without intelligent and purposeful supervision). And just that - information, complexity, complex systems - can be easily seen when one observes living organisms. Similarly, one can see complicated engineering products like industrial automation, robotics, computers, submersibles and space technology.


Assembly - the act of connecting together the parts of something (such as a machine): the act of assembling something in  a definite order, clearly, accurately. Both machines on assembly lines and living, developing organisms arise according to a precise programme.

Creation process

Is any process that occurs in nature able to build complex and functioning systems? Or can it program the order of assembly of individual components, the interaction between them, set up the methods and tools for communication or data exchange?

processes in nature

Processes in nature such as burning, tides, low tides, explosions, rain, wind, storms, erosion, oxidation, corrosion, decay... physical, chemical, meteorological or geological processes... which one among them can create and program a whole complexity?

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